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OTI’s membership driven, TOOLS program fosters leadership and activism skills for tradeswomen and empowers them to advocate for quality, safe, and equitable workplaces and communities.

Visit the Tradeswomen Social Hour page for information about our monthly events.

Advocacy Initiatives

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. helps support its members and allies through organized campaigns aimed at promoting fair and equitable hiring practices, and ensuring a healthy and positive workplace environment for tradeswomen.

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Community Benefits Agreement

OTI pushed for inclusion of journey level tradeswomen in contract language. A historic partnership between the Carpenters, Operating Engineers, Building Trades, Pre-Apprenticeship Programs and Community-Based Organizations. The agreement reflects a respect for community expertise.

Components of the MAWE CBA

Training Fund

Workforce Diversity Goals

Oversight Committee

Learn more about the CBA.

Tradeswomen Leadership Institute

The Tradeswomen Leadership Institute is an annual event produced by Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. in collaboration with the Labor Education Research Center at the University of Oregon to facilitate leadership development, advocacy skills, and unity among all women (union, open shop, self-employed and otherwise) working in the building, construction, mechanical and utility trades.

Participants of the Tradeswomen Leadership Institute learn how to be more effective leaders in their workplaces, unions, companies and communities while building relationships with and gaining vital support from a community of women who share similar experiences working in the trades. Participants can look forward to more in-depth workshops, more networking opportunities and more time to discuss the issues that are important to you!

The 2015 Tradeswomen Leadership Institute will take place September 25 & 26. Please return May 11 for online registration and additional information about this years event.


Other Leadership Training

LERC AFL-CIO Summer School
August 7 – 9, 2015
Global Scholars Hall, University of Oregon Campus in Eugene, OR

Throughout the LERC AFL-CIO Summer School weekend, participants meet to share insights and ideas in educational core courses & workshops and small group discussions. There are lots of opportunities to connect with union members from around the state.

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