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Workshops & Interactive Activities

An incredible variety of interactive, hands-on activities offer authentic experiences and an opportunity to learn and talk directly with tradespeople about their careers and their path into the trades.

Time-Based Workshops and Activities:

Kick Ass Careers
Inside Room 11
Workshop offered at 12:00pm
KickAss Career’s mission is to engage, educate and encourage young men and women to consider pathways in skilled trades and technology through outreach. KickAss careers creates awareness to influence those of all ages and walks of life to consider careers in construction through mentorship, outreach, and support, with specific focus is to educate and encourage women to pursue opportunities in the Construction Industry.

Metro – Rock it as a Haz-Cat!
Outdoor Space 8
Maximum of 10 attendees per session
Workshops offered at 9:30am  |  10:30am |  11:30am |  12:30pm |  1:30pm

Try out your game as a Household Hazardous Waste Technician with Metro’s Property and Environmental Services Department. Be a part of our crew for a typical day. Learn how to put on personal protective equipment. Receive, sort and categorize hazardous waste (that’s why we are HazCats!). Identify the hazards of some familiar products in the lab using simple chemistry and math. Then safely pack, close, and move a 55 gallon drum through an obstacle course with a drum dolly. Finally, label and prepare a shipping manifest for your drum. Techs will be available to answer questions about roles, experience and the work environment.
Tradeswomen Fashion Show
Under the Main Tent

Oregon Tradeswomen turns the traditional Fashion Show on its side! Come to the Tradeswomen Fashion Show to see tradeswomen, representing a variety of careers, modeling their everyday work attire and demonstrating the tools of their trade. Tradeswomen will tell you about how they got started on their career path and what they like most about working in the skilled trades. There is a question and answer session at the end of the fashion show where audience members can ask questions and learn more!

Drop-In Activities – Open All Day!

Photo Booth, Room 3, Open all day for drop in

KickAss Careers is hosting a fun, green screen photo booth! Have your picture taken on a construction site and share with your social networks!

Area I Plumbers Joint Apprenticeship and Training — Signs, Painters, and Plumbers
Inside Room 8
Three activities to try out!
Sign Installers: 
Making letters, working with wire and hooking letters up.  
Painters: Do you think you have a good eye for matching colors? Stop by and see how accurate you really are. 
Plumbers: Repair fixtures, mock walls to run people through basic concepts and repairs. Tools to demonstrate joining methods.

Benson Industries and OR & WA Glaziers, Architectural Metal, & Glass Workers – Bond Glass with UV Light
Outdoor Space 31
Learn how to bond glass using UV Light and make a glass business card holder to take home. Other surprise activities will be waiting.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – Bucket Truck: The View from Above
Outdoor Space 2
Get harnessed into our bucket truck and ride a few stories above ground to experience what it feels like to be a lineworker repairing transmission line equipment.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – CAD Weld: Watch the Sparks Fly
Outdoor Space 2
Don safety gear and weld your own piece of underground cable in this exothermic welding process used frequently by our high voltage electricians and lineworkers to build and repair the underground wiring system at substations.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – Electric Bicycle: Think You Can Power a Light Bulb?
Outdoor Space 2
Use your pedal power to generate electricity. See what it takes to keep the lights on and electricity flowing through the Northwest’s transmission system.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – Slips, Trips, Falls Simulator: Take A Walk on the Wild Side
Outdoor Space 2
Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of home and workplace injuries. Retrain your brain for better balance and prevent falls by using our simulator to learn how to walk properly on uneven and slippery surfaces.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – Surveying: The World At Your Feet
Outdoor Space 2
Use survey equipment to measure angles, distances and find buried metal objects, such as property corner markers. See how our crews analyze and record location, distance and elevation of land to help design plans and maps for projects.

Bremik Construction – Build Your Own Tool Box
Outdoor Space 13
Come learn what it’s like working in commercial construction and building/renovating some of Portland’s greatest buildings. We will also teach you how to build a tool/planter box that you can take home with you!

City of Portland Fire & Rescue and Gresham Fire & Emergency Services – Be a Firefighter!
Outdoor Space 15
Try on some of the gear firefighters wear into a burning building, visit our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station, use a charged firehose, and climb a ladder truck! Learn about our exciting careers!

Clackamas County – Keeping the Community Safe
Outdoor Space 24 & 25
Come explore our snow plow and CSI car and learn how we keep the roads safe and clear. clackamas.us 

Cummins Inc. – Power Solutions
Outdoor Space 3
Complete power solutions! Explore diesel engines & generators! See how a diesel engine & generator work! Look inside an engine that is opened up internally, and learn how diagnostic equipment works on a fully-functioning engine. Find out how you can begin a career working with Cummins Inc. and help make people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world!

Energy Trust of Oregon — Use the Power of the Sun!
Outdoor Space 30
Find out how you can harness the power of sunlight and use it to power a solar car around a tabletop racetrack with Energy Trust and CE. Clean Energy. Bright Futures. A program of Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Food Services of America (FSA) – Experience “A Day in the Life” of a Delivery Driver
Outdoor Space 23
Explore a position that keeps you active and allows you to build new relationships. FSA provides a family culture with great pay and benefits. See what it takes to be a delivery driver, seeing new sights but allowing you to be home most days.

Ironworkers Local 29 – Cutting Torch and Tying Wire
Outdoor Space 16
Learn from the Ironworkers how to weld, use a cutting torch, and tie wire. See what it takes to become an Ironworker!

KEEN Utility
Outdoor Space 29
Our women’s work boots and work shoes will make those days a little easier, with quality construction and signature KEEN comfort. We have try-ons, prizes, giveaways, and will be showcasing our latest and upcoming styles.

Les Schwab — A Career that Matters
Outdoor Space 19
Learn about car and tire care while learning what it takes to have a career with Les Schwab!

Northwest College of Construction – Laying Bricks
Outdoor Space 12
Have you ever wanted to build a wall, fire pit, or mailbox pillar? Learn how to lay Brick & Mortar and while you’re at it, consider a rewarding career in construction!

Northwest Youth Corps – Cross-Cut Sawing
Outdoor Space 27
Have you ever used a saw so big that it takes two people to use? Come learn the art of crosscutting and cut your own log with a partner! Also learn about the training offered by the Northwest Youth Corps.

NW Line Construction JATC – Careers in Powerline Tree Trimming
Outdoor Space 10
Learn from a female trimmer how you can make good money and benefits by climbing and working with trees to maintain the safety of the public and power lines. Observe her climbing a tree using industry safety equipment and see if this career is for you!

Oak Harbor Freight Lines – See What It’s Like in a Big Rig
Outdoor Space 21
Climb inside a truck to see what it’s like to be behind the wheel.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) — Come Work in Transportation!
Outdoor Space 18
See what our survey crew, maintenance crews, landscape crew, bridge crew, and Incident Response all do on Oregon’s Highway Transportation system!

Operating Engineers Local 701 – Heavy Equipment
Outdoor Space 28
Operate an excavator from a heavy equipment company. Learn what it takes to have a career in heavy equipment operating!

Oregon Laborers Apprenticeship – Tools of the Trade
Outdoor Space 26
Get and introduction to concrete demolition tools, and try chipping and busting concrete using concrete breakers and chipping guns. Learn about site prep equipment and run a plate compactor or jumping jack.

Oregon & SW Washington Mason Trades – Bricklaying Apprenticeship
Outdoor Space 6
Would you like to try your hand at building a brick wall? We will be ready to give you that chance with all the supplies to do so. You will also learn about all the great opportunities available to you in the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Apprenticeship.

Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute (PNCI) – Exploring Construction with the Carpenters Union
Outdoor Space 5
Fully interactive look into residential and light commercial construction and commercial concrete form work?

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) – Maintaining Connections
Outdoor Space 17
Our job is to connect people to the places they want to go. Our system of roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, transit and trails gets Portlanders from place to place easily, safely and sustainably. Stop by to meet some of the women from PBOT’s Maintenance Operations Group and learn more about career opportunities while being raised high up in a platform truck or operating a snow plow fitted to a dump truck.

Portland General Electric (PGE) – Pole Climb, Hot Sticks, Bucket Truck
Outdoor Space 1
Learn about the unique and intricate skills of the line worker trade! Strap on boots and climbing gaffs with an experienced pole partner to climb a power pole, use 100,000 voltage rated hot sticks on overhead power lines used to build and maintain high voltage electrical lines or experience an up close and personal look at a bucket truck.

Portland Police Bureau – Girl Cops Are Awesome!
Outdoor Space 22
Talk to girl cops, try on police gear and get inside a police car to learn more about this awesome career.

Portland Water Bureau – Main Break Simulation
Outdoor Space 9
Break down and reassemble a water meter; text water for turbidity; tap a 1” pipe; simulate a main break with the workers from Portland Water Bureau. Learn about careers with the Water Bureau.

Roofers and Waterproofers – Torch it! Melt it! Nail it!
Outdoor Space 14
Ever wish that you could touch the sky? Roofers and Waterproofers do that every day. Come be a roofer for a day. Make your own green roof, repair your own roof, and work with a Roofer installing modified roofing with a real torch.

Sheet Metal Institute – Flower Pots
Outdoor Space 10
Build a sheet metal flower pot! Use hand tools to assemble the pieces and a hand break to bend the metal. At the end, you will take home your creation!

Skanska USA Building Inc. – Portland – Build a Birdhouse
Inside Room 6
Use basic woodworking techniques to build a birdhouse with Skanska. This project is fun, straight-forward and you will be able to take you birdhouse home just in time for spring. Learn about exciting careers in construction at Skanska.

UA Local 290, Plumbers, Steamfitters and HVAC/R – Control Your Environment with HVAC/R
Inside Lab 2A
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) is and advanced field responsible for controlling the environment inside an office building or food production facility. Experiment with how to manage air flow and see how this industry has shaped our world with food and human comfort.

UA Local 290, Plumbers, Steamfitters and HVAC/R — Plumbing
Inside Lab 2B
Come see what it takes to install a water system to a building or a faucet and learn how to connect pipes to a vanity sink. Find out how this industry has shaped our world with clean water and how plumbers are in high demand. Come learn with your hands.

UA Local 290, Plumbers, Steamfitters and HVAC/R – Welding and Steamfitting
Inside Lab 3
Check out those pipes! See what our certified welders do on construction sites and learn what it means to be a steamfitter. Try your hand at welding and take home a small project that you weld yourself. Long pants and closed toed shoes required.

Washington County – Road Painting 101
Outdoor Space 20
Live hands on demonstration and ability to participate and experience sitting on the painting truck. Join two of our experienced female employees on the journey of road painting.

Washington County Sheriff — On Patrol
Outdoor Space 20
Check out our Sheriff patrol car and talk to female officers about what it’s like to work in law enforcement. Also, learn about “A Day in the Life of a Park Ranger” with Washington County Parks.


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