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Lead a Workshop

The engaging, hands-on workshops are the foundation of Oregon Tradeswomen’s annual Career Fair. The workshops offer an exceptional experience for attendees and workshop presenters alike. Workshops led by tradeswomen have an extraordinary impact on participants. Workshops are also a unique way to connect with the public about your industry, showcase projects, as well as recruit new employees.

Presenting a Workshop at Oregon Tradeswomen’s Career Fair also offers a unique opportunity to inform students about apprenticeship and career possibilities without the debt of college, connect with diverse job candidates, and inform adult career seekers about opportunities available with your organization.

Costs to Present a Workshop:

Friday, May 18:  $550
Saturday, May 19:  $650
Both days: $800

Deadline to Register:  March 30, 2018!

For more information about presenting a workshop at Oregon Tradeswomen’s 26th annual Career Fair, please contact Lisa Palermo, Development Director, at 503.335.8200 x 38 or [email protected]

Past workshops have included topics such as:  Concrete Stepping Stones, Wind Power, Wire a Light and Switch, Building Bird Feeders, Highway Transportation, Climb a Utility Pole, Operate a Jackhammer, Make Sheetmetal Flower Pots, and much more.

Oregon Tradeswomen staff are available to work with your organization to help plan a successful workshop, coordinate the details and logistics, and answer any questions you have about how to make the most of your workshop.  Please contact Lisa Palermo if you have any questions about presenting a workshop at Oregon Tradeswomen’s annual Career Fair.

What Makes a Great Workshop?

Workshops at Oregon Tradeswomen’s annual Career Fair offer participants a unique opportunity to try-out the trades. For many young women and adult career seekers, Oregon Tradeswomen’s Career Fair may be their very first opportunity to handle a saw, wire a light and switch, or braze copper pipe. Your fantastic hands-on workshops encourage participants to take shop, study math, and apply for apprenticeship upon high school graduation. Please follow this checklist to design a great workshop:

Talk about safety and follow the safety rules yourself—Wear those safety glasses!

Hands-on and Interactive

Keep participants interested and focused! Have your workshop participants actively “doing” (building, measuring, welding, etc.) during most of the workshop. If you have a limited amount of tools, think of how your activity can be divided into stations.

Relevant to Real Life

Everyday objects like light bulbs and kitchen sinks are mysteries to be unfolded. Trades people can offer students insight into the workings of the world, and students will be fascinated and excited!

Process Leads to Product

Workshops should offer participants something to take home. This allows them to demonstrate what they learned…and because, for most youth and adults, stuff is cool! A product may be elaborate, artistic, and useful like a wooden toolbox or sheet metal card holder, or participants could simply take the scraps like the ends of copper wires used to wire a light and switch.

Utilize Tradeswomen Role Models

Tradeswomen make all the difference in showing girls and adult career seekers they, too, can do this work, and it offers an opportunity for tradeswomen to grow as leaders through the teaching experience.

Incorporate Math

Show students how much math skills matter!

Design Age-Appropriate Activities

Take into consideration participants’ body size, knowledge, attention span, and interests.

Spell Out the Next Steps

College reps and high school counselors talk to students early on about the courses they should take to be qualified applicants and successful post-high school. Verbally encourage students to take appropriate courses. Distribute information describing how to prepare and apply for apprenticeship. Whenever possible, include diverse images of women and men working in the field on brochures.

Download these tips for designing a great workshop as a .pdf file.


Please contact Lisa Palermo at 503.335.8200 x 38 or send email to [email protected].

We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and very much look forward to working with you! Thank you for participating in Oregon Tradeswomen’s annual Career Fair!

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