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Dads & Daughters

The Dads & Daughters workshop at the 2017 Women in Trades Career Fair happens at 1:00 pm on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Workshop Overview

Dads & Daughters is a uniquely-targeted, hands-on workshop scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 1-2, as a special program of the 255th Annual Women in Trades Career Fair.

The Women in Trades Career Fair is the focal point of Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.’s (OTI) adult and youth programs, combining the best practices of all of OTI’s programs, including: mentoring by tradespeople role models, career information and support strategies, and hands-on workshops and demonstrations. Hands-on workshops led by successful tradeswomen are one of the most effective ways for young women to learn about non-traditional careers. In a workshop setting, role models can confront students’ stereotypes about what girls (and women) can do. Students’ expectations of what kind of career field they might enjoy or succeed in are also challenged by participating in these highly interactive, fun, and informative hands-on workshops.

Why Dads & Daughters?

Targeted to parents/guardians and the young women in their lives, the goal of Dads & Daughters is to engage current trades workers (historically men) in encouraging their daughters’ exploration of living-wage careers in the high-paying building, construction, mechanical, utility and highway trades through hands-on trades-related activities. Dads & Daughters is designed to make men from the trades feel welcome at the Women in Trades Career Fair, and to foster and celebrate their role as a mentor to their daughters. A dad’s support and encouragement is vital for young women considering a career field that is non-traditional. A dad can help young women work through their self-doubts, learn important skills, counteract social stereotypes of the kind of work women perform, and help them make important connections in the world of trades work.

History of Dads & Daughters

Dads are wonderful mentors for their daughters! OTI’s Executive Director, Connie Ashbrook, was lucky enough to have her own father teach her how to use tools, be his helper for home repair projects, encouraged her to take on challenges and was very proud of Connie’s ultimate career as an elevator constructor. Over the course of OTI’s history, more and more stories were revealed of instances in which dads encouraged their own daughters’ pursuit of trades careers. For instance, Marci Wichman, Assistant Training Director of Local 290 Plumbers & Steamfitters, became a steamfitter after a career as a dental hygienist with the encouragement of her dad, who was also a steamfitter. Roofer Anna Smith followed in the footsteps of her roofer dad, who helped her connect to the Roofers Apprenticeship and helped her adjust to the demands of the roofing trade. Of course, grandfathers, brothers, boyfriends, mothers and aunts are also welcome to bring the women in their lives to the event, and can also be great built-in mentors to help young women enter a trades career.

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